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Did Social Security reject your Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) claim for benefits? Take heart because most applications don’t pass the white glove test the first submission. In fact, just 25% of claims get the green light on the first submission. Instead of re-applying, the claim should be appealed immediately.

The attorneys at the Law Office of Regina Walsh Adams in Fort Collins understand the SSDI / SSI requirements to be awarded benefits by the Social Security Administration (SSA). We are familiar with many of the SSA Administrative Law Judges (ALJ) before whom we have presented many cases. We are experienced with the ins and outs of SSDI / SSI procedures, and what information the court desires to see.

The Appeal Submission Process

Once you receive a denial letter from the SSA with instructions on how to appeal is the time to call our office. We will set the appeals motion into action, soliciting medical records, the most crucial aspect in demonstrating your eligibility for benefits. In addition, your doctor(s) must do his / her diligence in fully explaining work restrictions, conditioned by your physical limitations to the satisfaction of the court. Their report will be submitted to the ALJ before your hearing.

The submission process in preparing for a SSDI / SSI hearing can seem like a maze. SSA prefers the electronic submission of records. It is important to go through the records to avoid submission of duplicate records. At the Law Office of Regina Walsh Adams our seasoned staff are experts in assembling your records, without duplicating them, for submission to the ALJ. Another step we take to ensure your claim prior to the hearing is to review your medical records, and advising you as to the content.

The appeals submission process is lengthy and labor-intensive, all the more reason to get in touch with an experienced Social Security attorney, who can ensure your case will be well-prepared and presented at the SSDI / SSI hearings.

Questions about Benefits

There is more to understand about SSDI / SSI and your questions, as expected, are many, covering such concerns as:

  • Are you eligible for SSDI / SSI benefits if you have sustained an on-the-job injury, or a non-job related accident, rendering you disabled?
  • How long must you have been disabled?
  • What requirements must you meet to acquire “insurable status”?

During your free consultation with us, whether we accept your case or not, we can answer these questions, and many more about the requirements and processes involved in getting SSDI / SSI benefits.

We have enjoyed considerable success obtaining benefits for hundreds of clients. We will ease your anxiety and frustration. Contact the Law Office of Regina Walsh Adams in Fort Collins at 970.506.1712 to make an appointment for your free consultation today.