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Have you or an immediate or extended family member been injured through the reckless or irresponsible behavior of someone? At the Law Office of Regina Walsh Adams we handle personal injury cases in several areas, among them automobile and trucking accidents, gross negligence, and wrongful death legal actions. We have dealt with the most complex and severe personal injury cases, as well as less severe ones involving, for example, neck and back strains.

Our team of practiced negotiators, mediators, evaluators, and litigators will do everything in their power to reach a settlement to avoid going to trial. If the insurance company refuses to settle, we will bring your case to court and prosecute it vigorously and competently. We can persuade the insurance company to compensate you for owed medical bills, income loss, pain and suffering, permanent impairment, and any other factors exclusive to your particular case.

If you have been injured or have been in an accident, contact Attorney Regina Walsh Adams or Attorney Michael D. Mullison about your matter.

Accident at Work

Don’t second guess yourself if you think your injury is only minor. Contact your supervisor without delay and complete a First Report of Injury form. Fault-finding is not necessary for a work-related accident; just demonstrate satisfactorily you injured yourself while performing your job. Solicit the names and phone numbers of all witnesses to the accident.

Accident by Car

If you suffered severe injuries, wait for emergency vehicles and first responders to arrive. Contact the police; they will fill out an accident report. Get the other party’s information, and also the names and numbers of witnesses to the accident. Get in touch with your insurance company, but not before you talk to a personal injury lawyer, who will safeguard your interests. The last thing you want to sign is for a less than fair settlement, which the insurance company will try to get you to do.

Accident at a Retail Store

Contact the store manager or store associate if the manager is not present right away. Ask for an ambulance to be called if your injuries are serious enough to warrant medical attention. Solicit the names and addresses of anyone that witnessed the accident.

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